200? - 17/02/2014

In Carrie Ann’s own words “Bono passed on February 17th from a tumour that came
on very quickly. He had what we thought was a pulled muscle in the November and
it was downhill from there. We are, as you can imagine, heartbroken still. He was
best friend to all of us. 

Unfortunately we never had a date of birth for Bono so we celebrated his birthday on
22nd July as that was when he became part of our family.

As a single parent, I had always resisted having pets as I knew how much of a tie
they were and felt I had enough responsibility over the years with three children but
it was those children that talked me into getting a dog as they "didn't want me to be
lonely" as they all eventually moved out (I know - I'm a sucker!).

We met Bono and all fell in love instantly and I know Jas (his fosterer) was heartbroken
to have to part with him so soon after him getting there - I believe he had only been
with her a fortnight before we became his forever family.

He was truly part of our family. Even my Mum and Step-dad adored him and
would look after him whenever I had to go away for work. The feeling was mutual
and we just had to mention their names and he would run to the window or the
door wagging his tail and looking for them!

My eldest son, James, although he would complain about having to walk Bono,
simply adored him. Bono slept on his bed at night (and when he moved into the
bigger room on the floor next to his bed) and would wait at the top of the stairs for
him if I went to bed before he was home from work. James is totally heartbroken
at losing the best friend he ever had and refuses to entertain the idea of a new friend.

Even my not-quite-three year old grandson misses him. My daughter and her
partner were still living with us when he was born and, although Bono was jealous
of the attention Ollie got from us all, he adored him and only tried to steal a couple
of his toys haha! Of course, as Ollie started feeding himself, Bono loved him more and
more (nothing to do with the constant supply of dropped tidbits to munch and
sticky fingers to lick of course!).  Ollie comes and stays every week while my daughter
goes to work and even though Bono has been gone for nearly 6 months he still
mentions him. Bono used to guard the cot when Ollie was sleeping, and was always
so put out when we made him leave the room with us! (As much as Bono loved
Ollie I'm still not daft enough to leave them alone together even when Ollie was
sleeping - Bono was a dog, not a responsible adult!)

My artist daughter did a lovely painting of Bono. It hangs in my lounge where I can
see him every day. She has also done a lovely pencil drawing for James as it was
his birthday only 5 or 6 weeks after we lost him. I think it helped her as well. I don't
think she finds it the same coming home now he's not here.

Bono wasn't the brightest dog in the world but he was the BEST dog in the world. He made
us laugh and cry. He melted our hearts and ultimately broke them by leaving us so soon
but we will never regret opening them to him. He was our comfort in times of sadness
and a constant source of joy. Now it is him I mourn and he isn't here to
comfort me; I am lost :(

I know he'll be waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge and I will look forward to that in
the (hopefully distant) future. I'm sure he won't mind when we do eventually find a
new friend to keep us company in the meantime - I'm sure James could be won over.

We would like to thank everyone for their lovely messages
Carrie-Ann, James, Hannah, Georgie and Ollie”


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