2001 - 23.4.2016


Abbey went peacefully to Rainbow Bridge on Sat 23rd April leaving a devastated Sylvie
with a broken heart. Abbey was aged 11 and 1/2 yrs and had been suffering  with a brain tumour.
For sure, she is now with her best friend Bracken who had recently passed over, on 24th March.

Abbey came from Battersea  dogs home. When she was 5 months old, with no id, she was found wandering
 on the streets and was brought in by a passer by.

Sylvie and Bernie had lost Barclay, the litter brother of Eileen's Holly, so they went there and, after a
long search, they accidently came across Abbey in a side room. By then, she had been there a few
weeks.  After normal checks, they were allowed to adopt her. They named her Abbey after
 Eileen's GSD, Abby, who Sylvie adored bur poor Bernie had been terrified of. 

Abbey, quickly, became firm friends with both Holly and Sasha then, when Holly passed, aged 18yrs, she
continued being friends with Sasha. When, 15 months later, Eileen and Ray adopted Bracken, they became
best friends too, especially after Sasha also passed on.

The two girls stayed friends for the rest of their lives, always being there to help, comfort and give love
to their Mums through some very difficult times. It seemed inevitable that they would
stay together forever.


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