Scrappys Beautiful Baby

Please, God, if You should hear a scratch on Eden's Gate tonight,
A gentle whine, a muffled bark; have Peter take a light
And open up the Pearly Gates and call her Spirit in,
For I think she lived in Heaven once; please take her back again.

Just tell her that we're sorry that we could not pat her head,
And whisper how we loved here 'ere her Spirit fled.
I pray that when death beckons, and my soul surmounts life's fog,
I'll rate a place in Heaven, Dear God, beside our dog...

We only Knew Abby from inside her Mums Tummy, we felt her little kicks only a few days before she was born. Sadly she was stillborn and the only puppy Scrappy was to give birth too. She doesnt understand her loss, All day she has been searching for her and crying. We all miss her terribly. She had a beautiful Crinkly black coat and would have grown to be a gorgeous Labradoodle. One day we will be with you again. Our Darling little Abby.

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2006 Irish Retriever Rescue UK