Went to Rainbow Bridge 12.1.07

Why? oh why? did this poor old chap end up alone and unwanted in the pound? I guess because he was old and because his owners knew he was ill and that he would cost them a lot of money that they let him stray and never claimed him?
Sandie took him home and, because he was in such a terrible state, got him professionally groomed which made him feel a lot better immediately.
Sadly, he became even more ill and despite every effort to save him, he went to Rainbow Bridge on 12th January 2007.
At least, he knew what real love was at the end and he did not have to end his days in a cold and lonely pound. It is just a terrible shame that we were unable to buy him more a lot more time.

Thankyou for loving me,
Thankyou for caring
For opening your heart
And happily sharing
Your life with an old guy
Who no longer dared
To think someone could love him
When no-one else cared

I still had much love to give
But I guess I was boring
To the family I lived with
As I spent my days snoring
They wanted a puppy
For laughter and joy
Not a silly old codger
A dirty old boy

Thankyou dear Sandie
You completed my life
By showing me love again
After misery and strife
I am in Gods garden now
And he loves me too
I am healthy and whole again
All you told me is true

You said God would love me
You said I'd be free
To prance like a puppy
To water each tree
To sing in the breeze
To grin in the rain
You set free my spirit
And ended my pain

Written by Pauline Jefferey 4.3.07 and inspired by Aran.

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2006 Irish Retriever Rescue UK