Went to Rainbow Bridge 11th October 2012

Seven years ago I adopted a little Black Lab. called Babs . I later took a Golden Retriever named Max. At the time I was living in Hertfordshire. Both did really well with me and stayed with me when I moved to my current address 18 months ago. Max is still doing really well but unfortunately, I had to have Babs put to sleep last Thursday. She had been a wonderful companion to both me and Max, but was diagnosed with incurable lung tumours in August. She was on diuretics and painkillers and put up a determined fight until I had to make the painful decision to relieve her from her misery. I must say that she was a very special little dog and I miss her so much. Max had only ever known life with me in Bab’s company and is missing her also.

I would like to thank you all at Irish Retriever Rescue for giving me the privilege of sharing 7 years of my life with such a very special little girl.

Many thanks, Vince   


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