Went to Rainbow Bridge 11th August 2013

You gave me such a loving home,
I was so happy with you I would never roam.

You showed how much you loved me,
which grew every day,
we grew very close in every way.

I helped to settle all the foster dogs too,
they were so grateful for all the love from you.

All the dogs that you have rescued loved you so
and they all remember your loving touch.

I always barked and I know it drove you mad,
but now it is so quiet, you must feel very sad.

I had a sense of fun and I was mischievous too,
I tried to encourage anyone, to join in with me too.

I loved to take things and run off with them,
and I was always causing a lot of mayhem.

I have had a lot of things wrong with me,
but you have always nursed and taken care of me.

You have shown me so much love and kindness too,
I have loved every day and the company too.

We have had so many happy years together,
and the memories are there for you to treasure.

I was very ill and you knew I couldn’t stay,
you made the kindest decision and let me drift away.

I will walk in the footsteps of IRR dogs that have passed by,
we will all meet up again and you may hear us sigh.

Thank you again for all you have done,
to me you were such a Wonderful Mum.

Lots of Love from Barking Barkley xxxx


Poem by Wendy Waygood


There can’t be tears or lasting grief
Cos now your ears will get relief
But, with my name, it had to be
It was your choice to pick Barkley
The loudest bark you ever heard
I always sought the final word
I could out-shout the dog and bone
I didn’t want you on that phone

You knew you could rely on me
To show the fosters where to pee
And how it was quite safe to live
With humans who have love to give
They’d settle more with every day
And soon they learnt to run and play
Now filled with hope, all thanks to me
They’d soon move on, it had to be

My bestest game was stealing stuff
And running off. You’d shout “enough”
But you knew it was just my fun
And soon forgave all that I’d done
When Monty came I taught him well
We did our best to give you hell
But you still loved us cos you knew
We both adored and treasured you

With every needy stray you found
I’d lick your tears then clown around
I’d cheer you up by acting dafter
And change your sorrow into laughter
But finally it’s time to go
It had to be, as well you know
I feel so sad to leave you, Mum
But “look out angels, here I come”.

Poem by Gizmo Jefferey


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2012 Irish Retriever Rescue UK