Bella had a life of torment and pain in one of the worse puppy farms in Wales. She became surplus to requirements when her breeding days were over and she came into our care. Bella has been cherished by Novena for 2 years and she became a very happy girl once again thanks to her. She was so gentle and giving. Everyone she met since she had been with Novena, were touched by her. They all loved her.

Sadly, Bella was given sleep to save her from suffering. She had been undergoing tests and it was suspected that she had cancer in her nose. She suffered several short seizures when she would fall over and immediately get up and walk around the house and garden again. She was exhausting herself fighting the disease and it was heartbreaking to watch her. At first, the medication seemed to be working and she was much brighter with tail wagging and appearing more animated.

Unfortunately, the test results showed that she has a particularly virulent malignant tumour. Bella was still eating and still enjoying short walks and meeting people but she was very wobbly, dopey (from the drugs) and beginning to find breathing very difficult.

As always, Novena put her darling girl first and made the brave decision to say farewell to Bella even though she knew that it would leave her with a broken heart.

Sleep well dear Bella. Another sweet and gentle angel has gone to the Bridge

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2006 Irish Retriever Rescue UK