Went to Rainbow Bridge 18 February 2011


Almost four years ago, gentle Bella came into our lives. Our 9 year old GR, Sandy was lonely after the death of his lifelong friend Perry and desperately needed a new companion. Enter Bella. She was being cared for by Animal Rescue and Care in West London after a change in her family’s circumstances and once we saw her picture, we were hooked.

Gentle Bella was how she had been described by her fosterer and gentle Bella she certainly was. She was such a happy and contented dog with the sweetest nature. She and Sandy loved each other at first sight and she made the last months of his life very special. Then a new best mate came into her life of the shape of IRR rescue dog, Josie. We adopted Josie and they became inseparable. Over the last few years, Bella welcomed many other dogs into her home. She was a dog of generous spirit and many foster dogs have left here for their forever homes much happier and more confident than when they arrived, purely because of Bella’s comforting presence. She was a foster mother extraordinaire and has earned her place as an honorary IRR dog.

Bella was already 10 when she came to us and was suffering from advanced spondylosis which increasingly affected her mobility. Sadly, last week the neurological damage had reached the point where she could no longer walk and her brain had switched off, so we had to say goodbye to our precious girl. It had only been four weeks since her little friend Josie had gone to Rainbow Bridge so Bella didn’t have to wait too long before they were reunited.

Run free, our darling Bella – you were such a very special dog xxx



You gave me a home when I thought nobody cared,
you took me in to your home and your love and life I shared.

I welcomed all the foster dogs into our home,
and they were so happy they would never roam.

I have had spondylosis you could see,
but you always nursed and took care of me.

We have only had a few years together,
but the memories will always be there for you all to treasure.

You have been so kind and so very good,
and I would have stayed if only I could.

I was feeling tired and it was my time to leave,
and I know you all need time to grieve.

Please don’t be sad, I will also be close by,
you will feel my presence and perhaps hear me sigh.

I will follow in the footsteps of Josie who has just passed by,
and I am just so glad that we could say goodbye.

Josie is still mischievous and fun,
we are playing with the gang and having lots of fun.

Think of me as the gentle breeze that blows,
the sun and the river that slowly flows.

I am now just like a puppy again,
I run and play and feel no pain.

Thank you again for all you have done,
to me you were such a Beautiful Mum.

Lots of Love from your ‘Beautiful Bella’ xxxxxxxx



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2011 Irish Retriever Rescue UK