1998 - February 2013

Ben, darling Ben, you’re so special it’s true
I’ll love you forever and will always miss you
Your kind, gentle ways and huge loving heart
There’ll be nothing as hard as that day we did part

But rather than cutting the fine golden thread
It invisibly joins us together instead
Our bond was so strong, it could never be broken
“Goodbye, just for now” we’re the words softly spoken

You were so good looking, kind face, gentle eyes
So handsome and strong of considerable size.
Your pale coat like silk, oh so soft to the touch
So many admired you and loved you so much.

From the day I first met you, you called me your Mum
And made it it quite clear you were happy to come
I needed a dog who’d be loyal and true
There couldn’t have been one more perfect than you

We’d both lost our trust when God sent you to me
We mended each other and set our hearts free
You were my shadow and I was yours too
No need for words, we shared thoughts and just knew

There’s a large empty space as I lay in my bed
There are tears on my pillow, thoughts of you in my head
I remember the good times as lonely I lay
If only our time hadn’t drifted away

Always together, with everything shared
How perfect it was when we found ourselves paired
Two sides of a penny, two halves of a coin
Friends now share my pain and, in sorrow, we join

With your eyes growing dim and your limbs getting weak
Time running out, dreading words I’d soon speak
Then, no need for decisions, you went downhill so fast
The vet came and, too soon, you had breathed your last

As always, my Ben, you knew what would be best
You told us, quite clearly, you needed your rest
You knew letting go would be so hard for me
Thankyou for showing the way it must be

One day, I’ll feel better – more good days than bad
Remembering the hugs and the cuddles we had
Recalling the walks and the fun once again
“God bless, bye for now, see you soon darling Ben”

Pauline (Jefferey) said “Hearing the sad news about Ben has definitely stirred the feelings for Danny once again. He was such a wonderful dog who not only looked exactly like my Dan but their wonderful temperaments were exactly the same too. It seems impossible that they weren't brothers or, at least closely related to each other. For two such similar older chaps to both end up unwanted in the Pound, within days of one another  and with nobody claiming either, has to be more than co-incidence.”

“I feel totally convinced that they are now reunited again at Rainbow Bridge”

“I was involved in Pauline and Ben’s first meeting at his foster home and we met up a few times throughout his life. She attended as many Reunions as she could although Ben wasn’t terribly keen on the huge crowds which overwhealmed him.”

“ I particularly love the 2005 Rescue Parade line-up photo from the 2010 Reunion where Pauline and Ben have pride of place in the middle between Ricky Three Legs (with Julie) and Sammy (with Ian). My Danny, looking identical, is with Sandie in her huge hat (who he totally adored) one dog in from the right and next to Pam with
another very special dog, Kimba, who, sadly, passed away within days of Ben”.

“ I just want to thank Pauline for being such a wonderful Mum to our lovely boy.
Gentle giant Ben always looked after Pauline and she looked after him to the end.”

“Fly high with the angels Ben, Kimba and Danny. You were all very special”

Back to the Rainbow

2013 Irish Retriever Rescue