Went to Rainbow Bridge March 2015

At the end of October 2014 Benson came bounding into our lives.  We adopted him
through a small local rehoming organisation and from day one we fell in love with him
(and so did Poppy, our Goldie girl).

We nicknamed him Benson the Destroyer as he loved shredding cardboard
and pulling to bits poor Poppy’s toys.  He also managed to shred several letters
until we put a post basket on the back of the door!

Benson had a chronic digestive problem which our vet was trying to sort out. 
He had a scan which didn’t reveal anything sinister.

Benson had to have his tummy shaved for his scan and as it was quite cold outside,
we sorted him out a T-shirt (not sure what he thought of it).

Despite this he was always so happy.  He was just like a big puppy, even though
he was 8 years old.  When he ran his legs seemed to have a mind of their own,
splaying out in all directions and he certainly loved life.  He had a halo of fluffy hair
on his head and a few missing teeth in the front bottom of his mouth which made even
more endearing.

Sadly our time with him was cut short after only 4 months.  He became seriously ill
overnight and before I could get him to the vets the following morning he died. 
The post mortem concluded he had likely ingested rat poison which he must have
found on one of our long walks.  We were simply devastated.

Although we only had him for a few months we miss him so much.  He made us laugh
out loud – a real clown with not a bad bone in that gangly body of his.

Rest in peace Benson.

Just  so sad.


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