5th March 2005 - 3rd of July 2008

From Anne Peter: Bobby collapsed this morning and died of a heart attack. This lovely boy was just over 3 years old and had come to me just over 6 months ago. As with many rescue hounds, not very much was known about him. Once we found out Bobby's tattoo number, we found out that he was not 20 months as we had been told but was that he was actually 2.5 years old. Although he was bred for racing, he was never registered for racing.

In January 2008 Caroline posted on SOL that her vet had contacted her to say there was a young greyhound coming in whose owner wanted him put to sleep. Caroline wasn't prepared to sit back and let this happen so she posted on SOL for rescue back up. Greyhound Gap were bursting at the seams but then I said I was prepared to foster the dog. Debbie then said that if I could foster, she would offer rescue back up. They weren't prepared to sit back and let a young dog lose his life.

When he arrived here, after a very long and tedious journey across country, it was obvious that he must have had a very hard time as he had many old bruises and some broken bones too. I think that perhaps he was used for coursing.

Since his arrival, he has been quite a character and a lovely companion to Jimmy. They reminded me very much of 2 boys, just being boys and a little reliant on each other. He was a real sun shine around the home. He following me around and was always wanting to know what was going on.

It was incredibly strange that no-one ever came forward to adopt Bobby. He was a beautiful fawn and white boy who was small and dog friendly. However, Debbie knew in her heart of hearts that I was supposed to keep him permanently and so, one Saturday night in March when she received my call asking if I could keep him on a permanent basis, it did not come as a shock to her at all! He had fitted in well with my dogs and he loved the BARF diet I feed so she was more than happy for him to stay here with me.

Because of Bobby, Caroline continued to stay in contact with Paul at the kennels and subsequently they have managed to get out Daisy, Dune (now called Jake), Bella, Maisie and Dee. Bobby paved the way for communication and friendship with Caroline to be formed and for five other dogs to be saved (so far).

Debbie says "Bobby - your legacy lives on. You were such a special boy."

Early this morning, I went out with the hounds as I wanted to experiment with my camera setting. They had a good run and great games together. As I left the area and we walked together towards the car, I could see that Bobby was in trouble. I could not get to any water but thought of the other best thing and took my jacket off, dipped it into the canal and refreshed Bobby with it.

Having managed that, I laid my very wet jacket on him and gave him resuscitation through the acupuncture points. It seemed to work as he lifted his head several times but, unfortunately it was to no avail, Bobby crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

I think that my only consolation, if there is one, is that he has never suffered and that for the last 6 months of his life, he has known much love and much joy.

Here are a few pictures of Bobby's last hour of life.

Goodbye beautiful boy. You will be very much missed by us all.



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