2006?  - 7.12.2016

Clare remembers “We picked Bouncer up from his fosterer in Leeds on
15th September 2013 and he died on 7th December 2016. His time with us was too short
but he brought so much joy into our lives and everyone who met him loved him.

We have so many wonderful photos of Bouncer but have just selected a few in
various places, in the house, garden, beach in North Norfolk and in Richmond Park.
 We live near Richmond Park in London so that is where he had his daily walks and
adventures.  He couldn’t settle for the day until he had been out for a walk and used
to hassle any of us who happened to be putting on a coat in the hall in the hope that
he was on his way out too!

From the moment we picked up Bouncer we knew we had made a great decision
and that he would be happy with us and us with him.  This certainly proved to be the
case and he settled really well into his new life and with his new canine companion,
Betty, our border terrier. He was very much a home boy and liked nothing better
(apart from walks) than being at home with lots of people around him.


He was affectionate and, as his history section said, loved cuddles - he certainly got
plenty of those. He used to nose us for more cuddles if he didn’t feel he had
received enough.  He had his funny little habits of lying right in the way in the
kitchen or hall, pushing through the door first whenever we were coming back
into the house, waiting at his food bowl at 6pm which is generally when he was fed,
trying to leave the park by a different gate in the hope of going to the pub where he
knew he got a pig’s ear, galloping like a horse in the park (must have been his time
spent in the livery yard!), occasional food theft.

I could go on but, in summary, Bouncer was the most beautiful golden bear we could
have wished for and we miss him terribly every day”.

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