Went to Rainbow Bridge 05.08.09


My wonderful Bruno sadly lost his battle with prostate cancer on the 5th August 2009 at 9:30 am and has now joined all the other dogs at Rainbow Bridge. I’m sure he’s having a wonderful time chasing squirrels and rabbits and bounding through grassy fields without a care in the world.

Bruno came in to my life when my sister, Carole and her husband, Dave decided that the stray dog who had befriended them in September 2002 in the local Park would not survive the winter so just before Christmas they took him home with them. I first met him Christmas Eve 2002 and we instantly bonded and within a matter of hours he was curled up at my feet asleep.

After a lot of thought and soul searching I decided that his place was with me. Although, it was going mean a change of life style for me as at the time I was a free and single bloke. From then on we were inseparable, I even took him to work with me and my colleagues soon came to accept him as a welcome part of the office environment.He did everything you could want from a dog he walked by your side without wearing a lead, loved to play fetch, loved to go in the car and have his head hanging out the window with a stupid grin on his face, he loved to swim and race through the undergrowth chasing squirrels. That’s not to say he didn’t cause me to fret from time to time. I remember once when we moved house and during the confusion of moving into the new house he disappeared on a walkabout. I became quite frantic when after four hours he hadn’t returned so I leapt into my car and drove around the estate looking for him. Eventually I found him lying on the lawn in front of my old house, he gave me a look as if to ask where on earth had I been. How he managed to find his way back there I’ll never know.

Bruno had a massive positive impact on my life and without him I would never have met my partner, Julie and so I’ll be forever in his debt. She and her children fell in love with him and he became an important part of their lives as well.

He was my constant companion, my confidante, my friend and I miss him with all my heart and I know Julie, Chris, Emily and baby Thomas all share my feelings. He became a big part of all our lives and it has taken many weeks of mourning before we can talk openly about him..

All our love

Simon, Julie, Chris, Emily, Thomas and Candy


A letter to Bruno:

You will be sadly missed and your place in our home and hearts will never be filled. We think of you with fondness and affection everyday, you were a very special dog and I feel lucky to have been your friend.



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