2002 - 15/01/2014

Buddy was a gentle, fun loving dog who was always smiling.  Everybody who met him
loved him and he is still greatly missed by Sally, Graham and all his little friends.

Despite thinking they were starting to get on top of his ongoing condition,  Buddy suddenly 
became very ill and died far too quickly. His passing was very peaceful and his beloved
mum and dad were there with him to cuddle and comfort him.

Our big gentle giant, why couldn’t you stay?
Our time far too short to be taken away
The joy and the love that came into our lives
In our hearts, although broken, forever survives
A more cuddly dog we could never have known
But how could we know you were simply on loan?
You taught us how perfect a good dog could be
A shining example for people to see

Remembering your gifts, caring, total devotion,
Unconditional love leaves us full of emotion
Adoring our family, so gentle and kind,
The very best dog that we ever could find.

Your coat really gleaming, with well toned up tummy.
No-one could be prouder of you than your Mummy
Never greedy with food and respecting the others
Our midgets adored the tip top of big brothers

Although twice their size, you were gentle in play
They hate their big brother being taken away
Soggy slippers aside, it did not take us long
To know that you never would put a paw wrong

Pressie in mouth for your customary greet
My match made in Heaven, you’d lie at my feet
For just over5 years, you were simply the best 
Such a wonderful boy, who would ever have guessed?

Who knew you’d be gone just as quick as you came?
Without you, for sure, it just won’t be the same
You were clearly too good so God wanted you back
A special Dog Angel for his large Golden pack







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