Went to the Bridge 07.01.09

Cassie may have only been with us for a few days but it seemed as though she had been our dog for ever. She wiggled into our lives with a big beam on her face and we were hooked. The next day she worked her magic on the rest of the family.

She and old Bella quickly became good friends, going on adventures together in the garden and lying close beside the fire in a warm, snoring heap of golden fur. Walks were enormous fun as Cassie trotted round the sports field playing ball boy for the players at the tennis club. All she wanted was a bigger mouth so that she could hold more than two at a time.

We were devastated to lose her so soon. She will always be in our hearts.

We miss you, little Cassie

All our love from Rob, Di and Bella.

A Tribute to Cassie from your Very Good Friend Tessa

Cassie when you first came into my house you came with lots of knots and tangles and smelling of allsorts, you even pinched my bed but I didn’t mind giving it up for an old lady.

You disappeared for an afternoon but came back smelling of roses, mummy and daddy said you had been to the hairdressers. It was nice to have you back because I had no one to play with.

The best was when we used to go off bunny hunting up the garden and no one could find us but we always stuck together.

After a stressful day in the garden it was nice to unwind in front of the fire with you licking my ears.

I missed you when mummy and daddy took you to your new forever home but they said you were very happy there with Rob, Di and Bella.

You were the closest thing I had to a big sister and will miss you loads.

Cassie you will always hold a very special place in our hearts

Love from Tessie xx

and my humans Malcolm, Jane and Becky xxxxxx

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