2000 to 17 June 2014

Chance.” I don’t know who named him, but during his brief stay with us it became
clear that the name of this rescued street dog was appropriate.

He arrived direct from Romania one early spring day when the weather was
unusually warm. He slept deeply for the next two or three days, waking just long
enough to eat. When he surfaced from his slumbers he began tentatively to
explore his surroundings and soon settled himself on the sofa in the conservatory,
from where it was an easy walk into the garden.
When you have only three legs, distance is important.

Chance’s past experiences were etched on his body. His face was peppered with
marks which suggested he had been in fights, maybe over food, his spine was
tender to touch and he had lost one of his front legs due to an accident involving a tram.
But his eyes gave the most clue about his past. They were wary, uncertain whom
they could trust, sometimes fearful. As time went on, however, they softened. He began
to trust us and his gentle canine companions. He ate his food with relish, and, despite
his disability, he began to run around the garden – and even to play.

Sadly, his time with us was brief. He was found to have a condition which affected his
heart and lungs and a tough decision had to be made. I think Chance was happy
with the decision as he had had over 3 months of being cared for – physically and emotionally.
He was wanted and loved, perhaps for the only time in his life. 

Your life was so brutal. Your scars were so deep
Your poor heart was broken, your mountain too steep
Nobody cared, you just wanted to die.
Broken, you lay there. The people passed by

The Pound was so scary but they did give you food
Maybe someone would help you? Hope was slightly renewed
The time was against you, the journey one way
Your heard them all saying it was your last day

But miracles happen. The rescuers came
No matter your scars or you being so lame
You’d go on a journey by boat and by car
Your pain left behind you as you travel afar

They spoke to you gently. “From now on” they said
“You’ll get plenty of food and a nice comfy bed
Who cares about scars? or the pain deep inside
We’re going to love you. No more need to hide.”

Adore you they did. All the hurt went away
Surrounded by love, you so wanted to stay
Your time far too short, your months not even four
But, your soul now restored, God just needed you more

Then dog angels came down, swept you up in the sky
With Kerry to guide you, new wings learn to fly
You cross over the Bridge and you enter the gate.
You gasp at the beauty and peace that’s your fate

No dog was more loved so no reason to cry
We know you’ll be waiting. This isn’t “goodbye”  
We’re so happy you’re dancing now, free from all pain
Take care, dear sweet boy, till we all meet again

Jeff Shepherd 2014


Back to the Rainbow

2014 Irish Retriever Rescue