Went to Rainbow Bridge 7 October 2012

Tribute to Charlie 9th October 2012

My lovely Naughty Charlie went to the bridge Sunday 07.10.12 very suddenly at 17.30.

Charlie came into our lives nearly 5 years ago and there was never a dull moment with her. 
She’d had a very bad start to life and we hope we made up for it.

We took her everywhere with us, and she loved her caravan holidays. To this day Ray never forgets the first time away with her when he had to chase her up the frosty field at 05.00 in the morning in just his dressing gown and slippers as Charlie being Charlie, she would not come back.

We were hoping to have her for one more day, but she got worse so I had to call the vet out. I could not see my Charlie girl suffer, and I stayed with her right to the end just holding her and telling her how much I loved her.

We are still in shock. Only 4 weeks ago she was running on the beach having a wonderful time and now she’s at Rainbow Bridge.

Charlie was a dog in a million loved by so many.  I am so glad she came into our lives but, not long enough. I would have had her 5 Years on 17th November.

Christmas won't be the same without Charlie. She made Christmas for us as she just loved all her Christmas presents and her Christmas dinner.

My Ray asked me to add this. It’s from him; he wrote this for Charlie:

Naughty Charlie Girl
She made us laugh, Curse and cry.
Now we've had to say Goodbye

I said to her “Now Charlie you must be naughty at the bridge don't let me down. Show the other dogs some of your naughty ways”.

These are some of the last pictures I took of her - on her back as normal.


Thank you IRR for giving me the honour to be Charlie’s Slave and owners. We were so proud of her when she won the cups at the IRR show 2011 and she looks so proud as well.

RIP my sweet girl we loved you so much. Life will never been the same without your naughty ways.

Sweet Dreams Naughty Charlie girl. You will always be in our hearts


Maggie & Ray


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