Anita and Bill are devastated. Chelsea was fine until Saturday mid day when she was
violently sick then lost her balance, caused by an inner ear disease. She had to
be put to sleep on Sunday morning. Toby, as always, was with her.  She was such
a lovely little girl who helped Toby so much after his difficult start and, in turn,
he was always by her side when she went through her hard times. They have
been inseparable for 8 years.

Chelsea was the most kind and loving dog you could ever meet. She loved children
and always made her way towards them if she heard them nearby. In fact, Chelsea
loved everyone and would always stop to say hello to anyone and everyone and, if
there was a biscuit on offer, then that was a friend for life.

Brave Chelsea had a difficult life. She fought off three bouts of cancer which
require three major operations and then she had a womb infection which nearly
killed her and meant she needed another major operation. Despite it all, after love
and nursing byToby, who adored her, she always bounced back and would be quickly
running around and rumbling about with him. 

Toby was totally devoted to her. He would lick her ears and back and be very attentive
even leaving his last bit of milk in his bowl so she could finish it off. They were the
perfect married couple.

Chelsea was an old Lady by any standard. She could let you know with just a sideways
stare that she did not approve of something and if you were sitting in her place on
the settee a straight stare quickly got you to move.  Yes, she ruled the roost but Chelsea
had a massive loving heart and anyone that knew her loved her. 

Chelsea left us after a very short illness which she could not beat this time.  Words
cannot express the feelings of emptiness that we have at the moment. Toby has lost
his sparkle and bounce temporarily but, as a family, we will help each other through
this loss and, in time, when it is not so raw, we will be able to look back with happiness
and remember the wonderful life, pleasure and unfailing love she gave to our small family. 

Chelsea will be missed by all that knew and loved her but no more so than Toby, Anita
and Bill who have lost their dear little Princess.

All their friends at IRR are thinking of the family at this dreadfully sad time and our
hearts go out to them. Our wonderful Toby, after a terrible start, has had the perfect
home with Anita and Bill and they have been loyal supporters of our Reunions and of
IRR for many years. The loss of Chelsea must be heartbreaking for them but, for
sure, another wonderful Golden angel is now in Heaven



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