2002 - 6/06/2014

An 11 year old Chip had arrived at Pauline’s house confused and needy.
She had just lost her beloved Ben and had an empty Golden Retriever sized space in
her home which Chip could fill.

Gradually, Chip settled into a routine, totally of his choice, and the two of them
grew closer and closer so all seemed well but life can provide some cruel twists
and turns and the two, clearly, just weren’t meant to be together for long.
Fourteen months is nowhere near enough time but that was all they had together.

Luckily, Pauline had no difficult decisions to make as Chip chose his own time as
he had chosen everything else in their happy life together.

He simply went to sleep and never woke on 6th June 2014.

Rest peacefully in God’s garden, Chip.


Thankyou for loving me, thankyou for caring
For opening your heart and so happily sharing
Your life with an old guy who no longer dared
To think someone could love him when no-one else cared
I'm sorry for leaving and for breaking your heart
But my time was all gone and I had to depart.
You said God would love me. You said I'd be free
To prance like a pup, to laze under a tree
To sing in the breeze and to grin in the rain
My spirit is free, no more suffering or pain
I’m here in God’s garden and he loves me too
I’m healthy and happy. All you told me is true


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2014 Irish Retriever Rescue UK