Chloe had been off her food for a couple of days and had been lethargic then collapsed early in the morning. The vet came out to see her but the news wasn't good. She had a large mass so was gently given sleep.

Debbie says "Her picture brings back such lovely memories of Chloe - she had some nice days out in the car, and some good walks - it has brought tears to my eyes."

"When I met Chloe she reminded me very much of Lady Isabelle with her determination and charm. She tried so hard to overcome her arthiritis and was always up for a little outing. I particularly recall when we tried to leave her in Jenny's flat to go to the local car boot sale, she barked more loudly than any dog I have ever heard, so we had to go back to collect her. I am so glad we did as that was the last time I saw her and she was so happy. We walked her over the nearby field first and then round the carboot sale where she was the centre of attention."

"I know Jenny gave her a lot of love and care and I am pleased that she went from this world feeling that someone really adored her. It is just such a shame we couldn't have had her for longer."

Sleep well, sweet Chloe.


We hardly got to know you but still fell in love with you
You had a lovely aura of violet, pink and blue

You stole the hearts of Val and Andy and Pauline on the way
To your final home with Jenny where you were going to stay

We hoped days would be many but it wasn't meant to be
But we know that you were happy and adored for all to see

You loved your little outings and riding in the car
And taking walks with Jen and Deb if they didn't go too far

So fly free now sweet angel and enjoy your days to come
At Rainbow Bridge with all our friends who wait to greet their mum.



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2006 Irish Retriever Rescue UK