Went to Rainbow Bridge 15 July 2010

Annie & Chloe came to IRR in the Spring and soon settled in with their forever fosterers who already had a younger dog but this did not present any problem and they respected her space and accepted her as leader of the pack. They were given gentle exercise and were introduced to their fosterer's friends and the other dogs in the park. They were also signed up with the vet to have them checked over and all was well.

These two 14yr old ladies did not seem to be very social at first, barking at any new dogs they met, but gradually they got used to the regulars. They were always very much friendlier towards humans though!

We were told that Chloe was fussy about food and eventually a suitable feed and regime was found for her. Annie had no such problems so went on to the same food as the resident dog.

In the summer, they were entered in the Veterans Section of the Village Dog Show – nothing serious, just part of the village fete but Chloe won a rosette and was very pleased with herself.

Sadly, she then became unwell – not being able to hold food down at all. She was taken to the vet for an examination and got some medicine to settle her stomach. Unfortunately, she was not getting better so the vet took her in for observation and X-rays. They diagnosed a condition called megaesophagus which meant food was not able to reach her stomach. There were other complications too, she had pneumonia and was also losing the use of her legs.

The vets tried to get food into her by holding her up but she was getting weaker and could not now move by herself. Inevitably, and very sadly, we had to say goodbye and let her go to sleep.

Nobody knew what effect losing her sister would have on Annie. However, it seems to have changed her completely. She has bonded more with the resident dog, she seems to have a lot more energy and is much more sociable. Annie now wants to walk further before deciding to turn for home, and there is no longer the need to do a separate slow walk for her. The only problem is that she will pick up and eat absolutely anything!

We are all sorry that Chloe wasn't destined for longer in our care but she was a grand old lady and she will probably be happily ruling the roost at Rainbow Bridge now. Rest in peace Chloe.


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