Sadly, Cleo went to Rainbow Bridge on 28th October 2013

Having thoroughly approved of her and having made sure that little Delphi was well settled, sadly, her older sister Cleo went to Rainbow Bridge on 28.10.2013

Cleo had been suffering from degenerative myelitis, which meant she had her own set of wheels, which she loved, but she also had to wear tubigrip bandages on her back feet with vetwrap on the outside to protect them from the friction of dragging. Having ignored them for ages and never having been a chewer, Cleo decided to nibble and then swallow her bandages which she eventually sicked back up. Everyone thought she would then return to normal but, even after a couple of days, she had still completely lost her appetite. 

Despite trying everything, Cleo was refusing all food and was getting visibly weaker. She had, clearly, made her own drastic decision and it would have been cruel not to respect her wishes so the vet put her gently to sleep at home, the other dogs there with her. Cleo actually went very, very quickly and peacefully. Digby and Delphi were able to say "goodbye" before the vet left with her so it was as nice as it could be. 

Cleo was individually cremated and her ashes will be scattered in her favourite place, the vegetable garden in their field. This will be done once the weather improves as she hated the rain.

Tracey and Mark are so grateful to have Delphi to help Digby and the rest of the family with their grieving.

On the morning after Cleo passed, Tracey was delighted when she turned a corner on her way down to the stables, to be greeted by a huge and beautiful, full rainbow framing the stables, fields and vegetable garden.  Her heart was really lifted as it had to be a message from Cleo to let here know she is OK and is now running around like a young puppy again at Rainbow Bridge.

At the end of the rainbow lies a place
That transcends the bonds of time and space
This a home of lasting peace
Where pets are whole and turmoils cease

Some miss their human, their best friend
They’re told this life is not the end
The end’s the same and all are here
No more sorrow, doubts or fear

Quickly, they will learn to cope
All here are safe and full of hope
The chain once broken will reform
To meet again here is the norm

They play, they jump, they skip and run
All happy here and having fun
They reunite with friends of old
So that’s what they call fields of gold


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2013 Irish Retriever Rescue