Gone to the Bridge 14.9.07

CLYDE was a lovely boy. He was fostered by Pauline in 2005 and he was totally adorable with people and dogs alike. He was the first foster dog, of many, that Danny took under his wing. We were all devastated to hear that he had become so ill that he had to be put to sleep, to save him suffering, at such a young age.

From Somerset, he went to live with another Pauline, his forever mum, in Cornwall, and met his Bonnie. The two of them very soon became inseparable.

Mum Pauline said..........Our Handsome Chap, Clyde, was put to sleep on Fri (14th Sept). We tried as best as we could to make him better but I am afraid to say that it was not enough to help him. The vets and ourselves did everything we could to try and save him but I guess it was just not meant to be. He had a liver problem and was very jaundiced and it all happened so fast.

He has left such a void in our hearts that you would not believe, but I know that he was loved and looked after for the last 2.5 years, and he would not have had that had he stayed in Ireland, so for that I am truly grateful. I am glad to say that he was only poorly for a short while, and I am sure he did not suffer, had he have been kept alive then he would have and I was in no way going to let that happen to our gorgeous boy.

I will always be truly grateful that you allowed him to come and live with us. Boy did he love the beach, and the woods, running back to us covered in mud and always wagging his tail, jumping on the sofa to get on to our laps. He was a true friend to Bonnie, who misses him terribly. They were like a tractor and trailer, they went everywhere together. So thank you for letting us have Clyde, he brought so much joy and happiness to all who met him, but most of all he changed our lives and Bonnies too.

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