Went to Rainbow Bridge on 25 / 5 / 2007

Cody had a very aggressive form of leukaemia and there was nothing Julia and Dave could do to help him.

Because they loved the boy so much and would not put him through any more pain they made the very brave and unselfish decision to have him put to sleep. The vet went to their house so Cody would be in familiar surroundings and could be held in loving arms until the end.

Julia and Dave will never forget him. He will always be their first dog.

Dave wrote this poem as a tribute to their beloved Cody

Our handsome duke, our golden boy, so full of life, so full of joy.
When walking him we felt so proud, a love forever life, we vowed.
Safe journey Cody, with all your charm. In Heaven Code, no pain, no harm.
Be free our friend, always adored. But why so soon you take him Lord?

 You gave me a home when I thought nobody cared, you took me into your life and your love I shared.
 Sadly we didn't have very long together, but we had our walks whatever the weather.
 You have both been so very good, and I would have stayed if only I could.
 We have given each other so much pleasure, and the memories are there for you to treasure.
 Please don't be sad I will always stay close by, you will feel my presence and perhaps hear me sigh.
 One day I know we will meet again, and I hope knowing this will help ease your pain.
I will be your golden light; I am the star that shines so bright.
 Thank you again for all you have both done, I know to you I was a very special son.
Lots of Love
 CODY   xxxxxxx

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