1998 - 9th November 2012


You’ve gone from me, I miss you so
Your coat as white and soft as snow
Your big brown eyes with gentle gaze
Your loss has left me in a daze.

Alone I amble down the road
No-one to share my heavy load
Just one more day with you I crave
One special hug you always gave

Our days were always full of fun
You loved to walk and jump and run
Always faithful by my side
Matching me on every stride

One more look I yearn to see
One moment shared with you and me
One gentle kiss upon my face
Remembering, I slow my pace

My eyes well up, here come the tears
Where are you now to quash my fears?
I’d swap a fortune, that’s so true
For just a little sign from you

I pause and close my reddened eyes
I feel you near, I tell no lies
On my face I feel your kiss
Am I dreaming? What is this?

My eyes wide open now, I see
A pure white feather sent to me
I knew that you would send a sign
Of love forever yours and mine


I was abandoned, alone, frightened and scared,
I really thought that nobody cared.

You gave me a home and showed me so much love,
you were my saviour, with my Guardian Angel up above.

I helped to settle all the foster dogs too,
they were so grateful for all the love from you.

But knowing you all has been such a pleasure,
and the memories are there for you all to treasure.

I will miss you all, more than words can say,
but I will think of you all each and every day.
You should see me run and play with the gang again,
my body restored and I’m in no pain.

I will watch over you during day and night,
I will be your *Star* in Heaven that always shines so bright.

Thank you for being my very best friend,
and for being with me at the end.

I will never forget all that you have done,
to me you were such a ‘Wonderful  Mum’

And when the time is right for you to cross the brief divide,
I'll rush across to greet you and we'll stand, side by side.
I have so many things to show you, there is so much for you to see,
be patient, live your journey out, and then come home to be with me.
Lots of Love from
Danny Boy  xxxxxxxxx



Poem by Wendy Waygood



Back to the Rainbow

2012 Irish Retriever Rescue UK