November 2013 - 4 March 2014

Sadly, little Duke went to Rainbow Bridge on 4/3/2014.
 It is such a tragic loss as he was a simply gorgeous 16 weeks old golden boy
who was good with other dogs and very friendly with people and he had a
wonderful life to look forward to.

He had been rescued from a high-kill public pound in Romania and, towards
the end of March, he was due to make the journey to the UK where a loving
forever home already awaited him.

Aileen appealed for prayers when poor baby Duke became very sick.
The vet did everything possible for him but, despite all their efforts, the little guy didn't make it.

Aileen broke the dreadful news by saying " I am devastated to let you all know that Duke
has gone to Rainbow Bridge.            
Run free sweet little man. We would have all loved you."


Run free little man as all angel dogs do
Rainbow Bridge Goldens are waiting for you
They'll greet you and show you how all Treevers play
From waking right through till the end of the day

Rolls in the mud and then dips in the sea
Happy and healthy you'll always run free
Sniffing and digging, all the fun things to do
Time down here on Earth wasn't destined for you

Though sad life is taken before living starts
Your memory will live in so many kind hearts
We try not to weep though our baby boy died
For God needed an angel to lay at his side




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