Went to Rainbow Bridge 11 October 2013

2000 - 11/10/2013

The picture on Chesil Beach, taken 3 weeks before he died, is very poignant as he loved the beach
so much and it was very special to have the lasting memory of that lovely weekend which the
boys really enjoyed together.

Elmo adored his country life with his partner in crime but, in latter times, was the less adventurous
of the two and preferred to have a nice snooze whilst his brother went fishing for carp or doing a
bit of unwelcome gardening. 

He and his brother Jake were huge favourites with all the villagers and were really loved by
everyone who knew them. They were great characters so it is going to seem very strange no
longer seeing them always together in their front garden watching the world go by and saying a
friendly “hello” to the passers by.

Elmo was much loved by all the family especially the grandchildren who enjoyed parading and
winning prizes in child handling, golden oldie and best brace classes with him and his brother
at the Reunions although it was mum Bridgette who took Elmo and Jake into the ring for their
greatest success of Best IRR Brace 2011.

Bridgette says “Looking at Elmo, with that smile of his, no wonder he always got a rosette
at the Reunions for Irish eyes.
We miss him so much and cherish the time we spent together.

Till we meet again ….  I’ll love you forever!

lots of love from the family xxxx”

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