17/09/2000 - 30/06/2014

Our friend, Joy, was a founder member of IRR and Fable was the oldest of her
two Golden Retrievers, the youngest being Tara who was a much valued brood bitch
for GDBA. With her wealth of experience, Joy was always able and willing to step in
as mid-wife and carer, or simply advisor, for any unexpected IRR litters.

Although the maiden aunt, Fable accepted these strange ladies with their even
stranger little squeaky things into her home whilst the experienced Tara was the
doggy advisor and helper.

Fable had a good, long life but that's not going to help poor Joy to feel any better
right now so we all really feel for her. She will write a full obituary when she feels more able.

Until then, it is not "goodbye" to Fable but simply "until they meet again".

Fable, have fun with all the IRR dogs at Rainbow Bridge.  For sure, Bouncer will be the
first there to greet you.

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