Gone to Rainbow Bridge on 18th April 2008

Clare says "It is with a very heavy heart, and in floods of tears I have to tell you that George was taken away tonight. He had not been poorly as such, he had been sleeping a bit more and had a few more vacant days than normal, but, tonight, he had violent bloody diarrhoea and sickness, and he collapsed. He was rushed to the vet, who wanted to run all sorts of tests, but George had all but gone, so my parents made the decision that is the hardest of them all." Clare and family failed as fosterers at the first attempt with George in late 2005. George was already an elderly gentleman who was, no doubt, dumped just before Christmas because he had a few health problems and to make way for a new puppy. George was their world, such a character, always by their side with so much to say. They are finding it very hard to come to terms with the fact he has gone. Clare says "Thank you so much for sending us such a special boy. Life is never going to be the same again." Rest in peace dear, sweet George. Go fly with the angels.

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