Gus was the much loved "brother" of Bonnie and Becky. He helped them to settle into their wonderful new life in Northampton and he is now very much missed by the girls and all his human family



I know I was your best boy, I know that to be true, and not a single day goes by, when I am not with you.

I know how much you love me, and I love you the same. I’m sad I had to die so young, but the cancer was to blame.

 Because it took over my body and made me feel so ill, that even when you offered me food I had lost my will.

I really did want to eat, but my strength was fading fast. My whole world was going hazy, and I knew then I wouldn’t last.

 My leg it hurt so very much and my insides were a mess, and yes it hurt constantly of that I do confess.

Please don’t feel badly, though you did your best for me, and now I’m not in any pain, I am completely free.

 I know I was only eight years old, but I completed what I came to do, finding you my special mum, and spending my life with you.

You made me so very happy, being with you made me secure, and me being your number one boy, I couldn’t have wished for more.  

The next time you are out walking come rain, shine or snow, be rest assured I’m with you,  I’ll be wherever you go.

And each night you laid in bed, I was there when you cried, but please remember, bestest mum, it’s only my body that’s died.

 You made the right decision, it was a relief for the pain to go, and the vets were so kind to me,

I thought you would like to know.

 Thank for all you did for me, I know you tried your best,

and thanks for the caring burial, where my body is at rest,

because that’s just my body laying there.

My spirit and soul are with you.

My very bestest mummy, how I love you true.

 I know you’ll never forget me, I’ll always be in your heart,

and one day we will meet again and then we’ll never be apart.   

All my love Gus. 

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2006 Irish Retriever Rescue UK