Poems in memory of Hollie by Karen Brogden


Why with all the hurt in the world does it hurt so much when your one true friend looks at you with empty eyes do we fall apart, when all they are saying is be strong and I love you but my time is now you could do no more or no less for me. I am your one true friend, you have never let me down but please for your sake and mine be strong and I know what’s around the corner is heartache and pain but its what I need I’ll be looked after you know that the best people you know will take me under their wing and care for me like you are now and have done.




I'm tired

From time to time I caught that look in your eyes that said I'm tired
you’ve done what you can and been there for me when I needed you but....
I'm Tired
For all the time we've walked you've talked! I thank you believe me I enjoyed them but.......
I'm Tired
I've been a good listener but I think now you need to listen to me.....
I'm Tired


Please believe me when my eyes say I love you, I do but.......
I'm Tired
Now is my time, I have had my day in the sun, but be brave and be strong know your love for me will never fade but.....
I'm Tired.



Standing looking from the top of the world

Edge of existence all our worries blown away with the wind

Not far to go now

Although it seems a long way but hold on

Just this last bit now then you can rest

Safely in the knowledge that you’ll be cared for

Not far to go now

It’s been a long journey but a good one

We’ve arrived at the final stop on your journey

Over the horizon they’re waiting to show you the way

With open arms to care for you

Not far to go now

Rest now and know that we love you and miss you.




As we each left our prints on the beach

I remember thinking just how fortunate we were

To have your paw-print impressed throughout our lives

I could only hope that our footprints are impressed on your life.

Now as I look back at the picture of your paw-prints in the sand

I find myself thinking, knowing I miss you


One day my friend we will see both paw-prints and footprints

In the sand walking together again


Back to the Rainbow

2006 Irish Retriever Rescue UK