Very sadly, Sue and Alan had to say "goodbye" to beautiful Holly on 1st March 2016
then, on 3rd of May 2016, they tragically lost their beloved Millie too. 

Alan told us "Millie, who had spent the last year with diabetes, was with Holly
when our vet came out to us and, after a couple of weeks, she seemed to be
perking up again and doing whatever she wanted to. Despite her limited vision,
it did not stop her finding the squirrels over the field by us or locating the people who
had treats and, on occasions, she even managed to corner cats in the garden. 

Holly's loss had come as a huge shock but we did not expect to lose our baby girl Millie
so soon after. We sincerely believe that Millie, eventually, just gave up without Holly
to help support her.

Both Holly and Millie were cremated at our local pet crematorium and their ashes
are together again forever in the same casket at home with us.

They were so loving and close to each other. We have not felt able to go through
all of the photo memories that we have. We both feel lost without the girls as
everything revolved around them."

Millie had a terrible start in life but, in 2007, this amazingly trusting girl found great
happiness with Sue and Alan. This was made even better when, very soon afterwards,
 her best friend Holly was also adopted and they were able to share almost nine
wonderful years together.

At the 2009 Annual IRR Reunion, Millie was chosen as the Runner Up in 

This had been sponsored by Sandie Bissett and was named after her own
severely abused Shannon, who was the IRR mascot and reason for setting up
the Rescue in 2005. It was to be awarded to an Irish dog or bitch who
had journeyed the longest distance after having a traumatised background,
either physically or emotionally, when rescued by IRR.

Many dogs arrive in an appalling state and go on to find wonderful homes so
this was a very special accolade in recognition of the marvellous job that Sue and
Alan had done and continued to do for their baby girl for the rest of her life.


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