Went to Rainbow Bridge 6 November 2009

Hannah said. "Honey was the loveliest dog who always loved a hug and her walks. She was there all the time but was a little bit sneaky. She stole grampy's Belgium chocolates and ham when we took her camping but I never told her off because I thought it was funny. Honey was different from our last and first rescue dog but was part of the family and always will be. When we found out she had cancer it was really upsetting for all of us but she was in no pain so we left her and carried on like normal.

Unfortunately it got worse and she became really ill and we all agreed it was time to let Honey go so on November 6th 2009 on my birthday Honey went to Rainbow Bridge. The hardest thing was saying goodbye to her but it was the best decision for Honey."

Charli said. "When dad and Hannah brought Honey in to the house for the first time I was so scared she was so big and I have always been wary of dogs!

She was like part of the family, she was warm and cuddly and always looked at me for a cuddle when I walked into the room.

Every now and again we used to share a packet of crisps, her favourite being salt and vinegar.

If it wasn’t for Honey we wouldn’t have got Roxy and I’m just so glad that my family persuaded me to have a dog because you couldn’t get a better dog than Honey."        

From the first moment I met  Honey I knew she would fit in with our family and we really enjoyed the short time we had together, she was just a perfect family dog. We got huge satisfaction from giving her a great time in her life which she deserved after all she had been put through.  The hardest part was letting go but the time was right and we would never have let her suffer again as she had done in the past.

Honey had a growth on her snout that was identified by our vet,  after the biopsy, as cancer and they operated to remove it.  After a lot of heartache we decided on 3 monthly body scans, unfortunately after the first 3 months it had spread to her body and it was a case of making her as comfortable as possible. Honey was put on steroids and for a week or so was really lively and happy until the Thursday night when I noticed a rapid deterioration.

After staying down stairs for the night, I watched her struggle to get up and then she had a fit. the cancer had started to spread to her brain. It was an awful day that I will never forget, when Hannah  said Honey was going to be going to Rainbow Bridge on her birthday, it was very emotional.

Nicky took Hannah out for the day and I had to ring Charli at work to tell her what was happening. Charli was home in a flash and wanted to say her goodbyes to Honey, she was extremely upset and still misses her now (I think Honey was the perfect dog to get Charli used to dogs) and after meeting Honey a few months ago, Charlie’s boyfriend's parents now have a Golden Retriever puppy called Harvey.

If it wasn’t for Honey.................. Harvey….............Bella (ROXY) …what can I say?

Steve and Nic



I was absolutely devastated to read of Honey's passing.  OMG, what a lovely little girl she was and how brave.  I always remember the day I rescued her and Bunny from the flea ridden, poo filled stable after their owner had died.  God knows how long they'd been in there.  Thank God she experienced love, happiness and warmth if only towards the end of her life.

Golden girl, we loved you so
All too soon you had to go
Your time on earth was not all good
But you braved it out as best you could

Your final year was so much better
Full of warmth and love and laughter
Fun and games filled every day
You smiled and wagged and led the way

Your legacy will linger on
Although your time on earth is done
Go fly with angels to the sun
Your journey has now just begun


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2009 Irish Retriever Rescue UK