Went to Rainbow Bridge 16 February 2011


It was with great sadness that we said goodbye to our very Special Girl, Honey on 16th February, she was only 8 years old.

I took Honey to the vet as she had been dribbling a lot on our walks; the vet found her lymph nodes were enlarged and did five biopsies. Honey was also given anti-biotics in case of an infection. When we took her back the biopsies were not conclusive, but the lymph nodes still enlarged, which indicated lymphoma. Honey was given steroids to try to reduce the lymph nodes, but her breathing was very laboured, so she had a chest x-ray, which showed a mass in her chest, which was secondary cancer. On the Sunday she was very sick so I took her back to the Vet, she had anti-sickness and a steroid injection and other tablets for her stomach. I stayed with her on the Monday and Monday evening I sat up with her for most of the night, as her breathing was bad. Tuesday we took her back to the Vet, and she gave her something to relax her so she could sleep, we made the decision to give her peace the following day, her lymph nodes in her neck were closing in.

This all took place in less than three weeks; three weeks ago she was running about on the golf course.

We did the Paws Walk in November – ‘Honey’s Heroes’ to raise money for the Forever Foster Dogs.

We had Honey for 6½ years she was a rescue dog; when we had her she was nearly two years old. She was frightened of many things and noises, but Kerry gave her so much confidence, he taught her to play with toys and balls; I think she missed Kerry so much.

Together Forever

Hannah, our Vet came to our home, Honey went to sleep peacefully in my arms, my Husband Dave was with us. Kevin from Dignity Pet Crematorium came to pick up Honey and gently placed her on a stretcher. Honey had her favourite toys and ball with her and was covered with a blanket. I cannot speak highly enough of the way Honey was treated. All the staff at Dignity were wonderful; we went to the Farewell Room in the afternoon for our final goodbye and my son came too, it was as if Honey was asleep. We have now got Honey’s ashes back and we have ordered an engraved planter to put her ashes in, and to be next to Kerry. We never thought we would need Dignity’s service so soon. Honey and Kerry will now be together forever.

We miss Honey so much and the house is so empty, it is only four and a half months since we lost our lovely boy Kerry. My Grandchildren will name a star after Honey, as they did for Kerry. We received a lovely card from Dignity with the following poem in:

Not many people understand
Just how you feel today
And really it’s so difficult
To find the words to say
For you have lost a special friend
Who meant so much to you
And they will stay inside your heart
Whatever you may do
Such precious recollections
Of love you truly shared
And natural devotion
That can never be compared
So just remember happy moments
Smile if you can
Be thankful for time you had
And you will understand
Although it’s hard, there has to be
A time to say “Goodbye”
But memories which are dear to you, will never ever die

Author & title unknown

I would like to thank everyone for their kindness and advice, cards, e-mails and presents, I really appreciate it.

Someone to welcome me when I come home
A comforting paw when I’m feeling alone.

A faithful companion loving and true
All this I found in a friend like you.



You were so kind and beautiful, a joy to behold,
sadly for us you will never grow old.

You loved your walks each and every day,
we threw your ball, you just wanted to play.

You were so kind with Lauren, Charlie and David too,
and everyone you knew, loved you too.

We have loved you more than words can say,
and we will think of you each and every day.

You were so special and lent to us for a while,
when we think of you we will always smile.

We will always stay very close to you,
you will feel all the love that we have for you.

Kerry has waited so very patiently for you,
you loved him so much, and he loved you so much too.

When we look up at the sky at night,
you and Kerry will be the *two stars* together, that always shine so bright.

The Angels called, they needed you,
they thought you were so beautiful and would know just what to do.

You and Kerry are just like puppies again,
running and playing and feeling no pain.

Fly high dear Honey on your Guardian Angel’s wing,
if we listen carefully we will hear the Angels sing.

Forever in our Hearts xxxxxxxx



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