Gone to the Bridge 11.9.07

JAFFA was originally called Ralph and, although his previous fosterers all thought him to be a lovely boy, he moved on several times as he was a total escape artist and destroyer. He found his way to Christine and he, immediately, became a reformed character with his change of name to Jaffa. It was love at first sight and Christine very soon adopted him. The bond between these two was extremely strong and very special.

Christine said:-"The vet believe he had dilated cardiomyopathy, causing heart failure, although there were no obvious signs, as he was happy enough in himself......... looking back he did gradually tire more easily on walks but that was it. On Monday night he was panting a lot but he got so awfully hot, even in the winter, as his coat was so dense that I just thought he must be too warm. I took him to the vets the following day when I realised there was a serious problem, his breathing was rapid, he was making a coughing sound and when we got to the vets he collapsed in the car park. He was rushed straight in, at first I thought he must have swallowed something that he just could not shift, but during the x-ray he passed away".

"He brought us so much love and happiness, our home is now a much sadder and emptier place without him".

from Pauline:-

He truelly was your angel but his work on Earth was done.
As friend, guide and protector, all moulded into one
But his skills were needed somewhere else, another job awaits
So the angels called him back to brighten Heavens pearly gates
Fly high, fly free, golden boy.

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2006 Irish Retriever Rescue UK