Went to Rainbow Bridge 3 / 5 / 2007

JAKE was an adorable little collie X. Sadly, he fell pray to a terminal mass in his little tummy, for which the vet had no answer, and he began to eat less and less. When he was no longer enjoying his lovely coastal walks, having to be carried back, difficult decisions had to be made. He appeared not to be in any pain but had grown very tired and desired sleep.

Jake was, very bravely and unselfishly, given the peace that he desired for which we cannot thank Bob and his wife enough. We know how hard this was for you both.

Apart from his forever family, who are heartbroken, he leaves behind him many people who adored him too and cherish their memories of this very, very special little dog.


JAKE (little man)

with us 14th February - 3rd May 2007

We first met Jake on 14th February 2007 and, yes, we as a family fell in love with him, he was so adorable and a good natured little chap. I remember the first time I took him down to our local park, to meet the other dogs and their owners. Everybody thought he was a smashing little dog and that was when we found out that he loved playing ball. He chased after another dog's ball, got it, and brought it back to the other dog's owner and dropped it right at her feet, to be thrown again (luckily the other dog did not seem to mind at all). No other dog did this, you normally had to walk a little way to retrieve it so everybody loved playing ball with Jake as they had no work to do. I only got a look in when on country walks.

Jake's recall was very good. When we first got Jake on a woodland walk, he left the path and went deep into the forest (what I called off roading) and seemed to be gone for ages and when we were starting to get worried, with two calls, there he was at our side. So, from then on, when he went exploring, we no longer worried and let him roam to his heart's content.

When he met my best friend Leah and her dogs (two Newfoundlands called Buster and Dollar and two golden retrievers called Buddy and Disni) they all got on famously and enjoyed many country walks together until, sadly, Jake started to go downhill with cancer.

With the kind help of the people from IRR, I was able to fulfill Jake's wishes and allow him a dignified and peaceful release. I only hope I can be as brave as he was when my time comes.

God bless you Jake. You will always be remembered

with love from Bob & Chris

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