Went to Rainbow Bridge 15 May 2014

2001 - 15/5/2014

The picture is of Jake cuddled up to his beloved Dad, Ricky.

Jake really missed his lifelong partner in crime Elmo and now they are, once again,
reunited forever at Rainbow Bridge.

In many ways, knowing his days were also numbered because of a melanoma,
it was lovely for him to have his 7 months as an only dog with the total devotion of
the family being just for him alone for the first time in his life. It was also a time of
preparation for them for a sad future when they knew that both of their lovely boys
would be gone.

Jake and Elmo, with their friendly, gentle natures, were very popular with all the villagers
and everyone who met them. They were also regulars at the Somerset IRR Reunions
where, with the grandchildren or their Mum, Bridgette, they always enjoyed great success.

Goodbye lovely boy. We’ll always love you and be grateful for our special time with you.
Go be with Elmo and the angels now.

Until we meet again
   lots of love from Bridgette, Ricky and the family xxxx


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