Went to Rainbow Bridge 6 March 2012



Jessica is reunited with her soul mate Isabelle at Rainbow Bridge on 06 March 2012 and they are now really enjoying the biggest of cuddles as they always did. 

Jessica was 13 years old and came to live with us 5 years ago (almost to the day) after her elderly owner died.  She had to have both sides of her mammaries stripped when she arrived and had several other medical issues during her life.  She loved her runs down on the beach in the mornings and would even sometimes have a paddle.  She was a bit like the black sheep of the family and was sometimes picked on by foster dogs through no fault of her own as she was 'different'.  She missed Isabelle so much as they were always cuddled together, although she used to cuddle into the others, they weren't as welcoming of her as Isabelle was.

You have left a big hole in my heart and I'll always see you on the poufe in front of my sofa.  Sleep well my love - you are missed by everyone.


You gave me a home when my owner couldn’t cope,
it was upsetting for me, but you gave me hope.

I had two operations when I came to you,
I recovered so well and it was all down to you.

I think you knew how much I loved you and you couldn’t
let me go,
you made me so happy and I made sure that you would know.

I loved all the dogs and fosters too,
I helped them settle and loved them all too.

I loved cuddling up with all the dogs and you,
and I really missed Isabelle, who liked a cuddle too

You have shown me so much love and kindness too,
I have loved every day and the company too.

My legs had gone and you knew I couldn’t stay,
you made the kindest decision and let me drift away.

Please understand that the gift you have given me,
gave me back the strength I lost and all my dignity.

I will always stay very close to you,
you will feel all the love that I have for you.



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