2005? - 16/07/2014

June and Rob are still reeling from the sudden loss of their beloved Jez.

June says "Life is so empty without him as everywhere we went he came too.  
This was a picture of us all in our new home the week before Jezzie went over Rainbow Bridge. 
He was out in front as usual and, apart from looking a little more mature, we thought
he looked really well.  How can looks be so deceiving?

He was great fun for the grandchildren. This was taken a couple of weeks before Jez
passed away. He had such a wonderful temperament.  To see our granddaughter
crawling all over him and never a cross word from him demonstrates what a lovely boy
he was but, when he had had enough, he used to try and hide so they couldn’t find him.

We think now that he must have been in some discomfort as the vet said he had a
tumour the size of a melon, but he never complained once. I don’t think he settled
in Farrington Gurney very well, as he did get very nervous of the different sounds here. 
Wilmington was so quiet and he loved spending time with Max the farm dog next door.
He used to love the snow and ferreting around for new smells.

We will be getting his ashes back soon and we have decided to take them back to Wilmington and scatter them where he was truly happy.  I can still see him now bounding along the lane when Rob was taking me to work.  He always took off as soon as the door was open and we had to wait for him to come back from wishing everyone good morning in the village.

We miss him so much.  The house is so quiet and empty without him, but I can now have happy thoughts of him and I don’t think he suffered too much.”

Jackie and Ron, who fostered him, loved him too and had these words of comfort for
June and Rob “My Dad passed away nearly 11yrs ago. He was a man that loved
animals and especially Golden Retrievers. I have always thought that he has the job
of looking after all of our doggies that pass over until we can meet them again.
You might think me mad, but I am sure that he has Jez with him so he is still being
well looked after for sure. The thought that my Dad was looking after our little
Gizmo after he passed really did help.

Always having that special place in our hearts, Jez is not gone but is simply a thought away.




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