1996 - 12/03/2008


It is with great regret that I have to tell everybody that our beloved Jimmy has lost his battle with his illness. He was put to sleep peacefully this afternoon at my vets. He became ill on Monday (10th) and was admitted to the hospital but he would not eat and was not responding to treatment. We took the heartbreaking decision to end his life and this was done with me in his cage, cuddling him. He went very quickly.

Jimmy came to me a little over a year ago and was an absolute darling – he hated my cats but they managed and he would argue and occasionally fight with my Shih Tzu but they came to an arrangement and got on – just.

He was not a well dog when I got him and he was actually a foster dog – my first foster dog for IRR – guess what I kept him as a forever foster.

He was on medication for his legs and this worked fine for a while then we nearly lost him last May but he fought back and won. We were not sure he would still be here at Christmas but he was – thankfully. This last illness was very short but, this time, it was as though he had given up the will to live and was just giving in. He was an old boy and I believe he had had enough.

He has left a big empty space in our home – all the mats can come up and to be honest it looks too tidy and it far too quiet – he talked a lot. Jimmy’s ashes will be coming back to their rightful place – he will always be with us. You will be greatly missed my darling boy.

love Sally


Poor Jimmy had begun to struggle recently and so, on Wednesday 12th March, Sally and his vets made the heartbreaking decision to put him gently to sleep to save him from suffering.

Sally treated Jimmy as her own and loved him to bits so she is totally devastated at losing him but, bravely, did what had to be done for his sake. We can't thank Sally enough for looking after Jimmy so well for us, for treating him totally as one of her own and for giving him a year of very good quality life and heaps of TLC.

Jimmy was one of our sponsor dogs and will be sorely missed by all of us. Wendy, one of his sponsors, wrote this beautiful poem in his words:-


When my owner died I thought nobody cared, but you were so special and your life I shared.
I have had many things wrong with me,
but you have always nursed and taken care of me.
Living with you has been such a happy time too, and I have loved every minute and the company too.
I know I may have been grumpy sometimes with you, but you understood me and loved me too.
I know we have brought each other so much pleasure, and the memories are left for you to treasure.
I’ve grown very old and it’s time to go, and I know for you the tears will flow.
I will always be just a whisper away; you may hear me sigh or groan during the day.
One day I know we will meet once again, and I hope knowing this will help ease your pain.
Thank you again for being my very best friend, and thank you for being with me at the end.
I want you to know that you were such a ‘Special Mum’, and I know to you, I was a very Special Son.

Lots of Love from Jimmy xxxxxxxxxx


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