Went to Rainbow Bridge 21 January 2011



Two years ago, Josie came into our lives like a huge blazing sun, lighting up everything in her path. The first time I saw her photo, I knew that for me she was one of those extra special dogs and that her place would be with us for however long she had left. Pauline and Jackie were happy to try to get her out of the Dogs’ Home and we agreed to foster her. Pauline just laughed and suggested that we might fail quite quickly. As usual, Pauline, you were right – I think we’d failed before Josie even arrived.

From the first day it was obvious that Josie was the most beautiful, gentle girl you could wish for. 14 years old, she was a Labrador/beagle cross who had been picked up as a stray from the streets of Manchester. From the start it was clear that she had an irrepressible sense of fun and she bounded through life always on the lookout for a chance to make us laugh. She and Bella loved each other from the moment they met and together they provided an ideal environment for the foster dogs who came and went (or stayed - like Holly). Bella was the steady, placid matriarch and Josie was the irresponsible sister who would invite them to play, show them the ropes and get them into mischief.

Josie’s health was poor when she arrived and she soon had to have her first tumour removed. She bounced back with renewed vigour but a year later another had appeared and again was successfully vanquished. Sadly, the third couldn’t be beaten. She went rapidly downhill one day and tests showed that she had an inoperable tumour extending across her whole liver. She was about to go into liver failure so we made the decision to let her go peacefully and with dignity.

Now, it’s as though a light has been turned out and the world is a duller place. The house is so quiet without our little ginger dynamo charging around on those stiff, arthritic legs. We all miss you so much, Josie pickle. You’ll always have a very special place in our hearts and we’ll never forget you. Run free now with the rest of our mob at Rainbow Bridge.


You rescued me and gave me so much love,
you were my Guardian Angels with help from above.

I thought nobody would want an elderly lady like me,
but when you saw me it was really meant to be.

I have had a lumps and bumps and tumours too,
but that didn’t put you off loving me too.

You and Rob fostered so many ‘Senior Dogs’ and took them into our home,
everyone was so happy they would never ever roam.

I had a sense of fun and I was mischievous too,
I tried to encourage anyone to join me too.

I will miss Bella and Holly and you both more than words can say,
but I will think of you each and every day.

We haven’t known each other for very long,
but the love I feel for you both is very strong.

God has just chosen me to be one of his Angels too,
he knew I was so pretty and would know just what to do.

Think of me as the sun that shines so bright,
or the stars that sparkle in the sky at night.

I am now just like a puppy again,
I run and play and feel no pain.

Thank you again for all you have done,
to me you were such a Wonderful Mum.

Lots of Love from your ‘Josie Pickle’ xxxxxxxx


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2011 Irish Retriever Rescue UK