Went to Rainbow Bridge 21 September 2010

A Tribute from Wendy

It was with great sadness that we said goodbye to our very Special Golden Boy, Kerry on 21st September, he was 15 years old. He was taking anti-inflammatory tablets and pain killers but his front legs were painful as well as his back legs. The vet could have given him stronger pain killers but I felt he would be like a zombie. I remember Pauline saying ‘better a week early than a week late’.

 He had a lovely walk with Honey early morning and met several people, then he asked to lay out on the front lawn in the sun, then we had our final walk with my daughter.

Hannah, our Vet came to our home, he went to sleep peacefully in my arms, my husband and son were there. Honey came and laid by his side and then she walked away when he fell asleep. Kevin from Dignity Pet Crematorium came to pick up Kerry and gently placed him on a stretcher. Kerry had his favourite octopus with him and was covered with a blanket. I cannot speak highly enough of the way Kerry was treated. All the staff at Dignity were wonderful; we went to the Farewell Room in the afternoon for our final goodbye, it was if Kerry was asleep. We have now got his ashes back and we have ordered an engraved planter to put his ashes in, as he loved being outside.

Honey is missing Kerry, and we are giving her the Loss Remedy and Ignatia, she has also had Reiki. We all miss Kerry so much.

 My Grandchildren Lauren and Charlie named a star after Kerry at the weekend, so they will be able to look for him in the sky, once we have the paperwork.

We received a lovely card from Dignity with the following poem in:

Not many people understand
Just how you feel today
And really it’s so difficult
To find the words to say
For you have lost a special friend
Who meant so much to you
And they will stay inside your heart
Whatever you may do
Such precious recollections
Of love you truly shared
And natural devotion
That can never be compared
So just remember happy moments
Smile if you can
Be thankful for time you had
And you will understand
Although it’s hard, there has to be
A time to say “Goodbye”
But memories which are dear to you
Will never ever die

Author & title unknown



KERRY - A Poem written by Wendy

Our kind and beautiful Golden Boy,

you have brought us so much happiness and so much joy.

We have had so many happy years together,

and we have been for our walks whatever the weather.

You were a great Ambassador for your breed too,

so kind and gentle and everyone loved you too.

You went out in your buggy every day,

you had your walk and even tried to play.

You were feeling tired and it was your time to leave,

and now we all need time to grieve.

You have given us so much love and pleasure,

and the memories are always there for us to treasure.

We have loved you more than words can say,

and we will think of you each and every day.

You gave Honey so much confidence when she was scared,

you let her in to your life and your toys and bones you shared.

I know you will be but a whisper away,

you will always be in our thoughts every day.

When we look up at the sky at night,

you will be our *STAR * that always shines so bright.

You will be just like a puppy again,

running and playing and feeling no pain.

Run free, fly high our Golden Boy,

you brought us so much love and so much joy.

Forever in our Hearts xxxxxxxxx



Very sadly, Honey joined Kerry at the Rainbow Bridge on 16 Feb 2011. Their planters now sit side by side, reunited and never to be parted again.


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