13/12/2001 to 12/2/2013

Kimba’s passing is the end of an era – she was put to sleep Tuesday 12th February.  She was my angel, much loved and she will be greatly missed.

Kimba was one of a 2005 batch of Irish Retriever rescues and she was just over 3 yrs old when she came to us. She had been used as a breeding bitch and was dumped in the Pound with her 10 month son Toby because her seasons had dried up and because she escaped and when she escaped she ran.  She had a terror of the lead when she first came to us, she would just go flat and start to whimper, she would also have fought any male dog that came near.  She very quickly got over the fears, she loved being taken for walks and, yes, she still ran off but it was with pure excitement as she loved anything new and different.  She also got over her mistrust of male dogs because we have IRR Bennie Boy come to stay with us regularly and he is a gentle soul and, of course, there was also dear old Silver.  
She made her needs known by woof woofing whenever she wanted something or just coming in and giving us “the look”.

We had holidays in the Lake District with her – she discovered ducks and pigeons during the first one, that was an eye opener and not good for shoulders and arms.

About 5 years ago, she developed a cancer on her vulva. Our own vet felt unable to treat her at that time though did offer help later on when an examination showed it was unchanged.   Holistic Vet, Nick Thompson took her on and she was on the wonder-drug CV247 which kept that cancer contained all this time.  She started to slow down a bit last year and Nick diagnosed arthritis, she was treated holistically for that and she went to Magicspool, near Bridgwater for some hydrotherapy which helped tremendously.

Two weeks before she went to Rainbow Bridge she started to back off from her food, if she did get food down she brought it straight back up again, she had diarrhoea and she was listless but still had her head up and was watching and “wooooing”.  I bought all sorts of different types of food to encourage her to eat but she couldn’t and lost 8 kgs in as many days. We had 4 visits to the vet in that last week of her life and an exploratory showed she had a second but inoperable cancer which had spread across the entrance to her stomach. The vet asked for permission to put her to sleep.

We had 8 wonderful years with Kimba.  I would say to any of you reading this – never, ever give up - she came to us with an existing heart condition, she had her first cancer, she had pyometra, then arthritis and the second cancer that finished her off.  There were so many kind people out there who helped her (and us).

We’ll miss her very much but we take heart in the fact we did everything we possibly could to keep her happy and well.

Pam and Roger (Morris) and Golden Retriever, Jasmine

Pauline says – Pam has been a close friend for many years and she has always been devoted to her Goldens. When Pam adopted both Kimba and Silver I knew she was perfect and, of course, she was. Despite both dogs having many severe health and emotional problems Pam gave them the best lives possible. They regained their trust in humanity and both were wonderful ambassadors for their breed, a total credit to her and, of course, Roger.
Our thoughts go out to Pam at this really sad time but we know Kimba will always be with her, in her heart, and Pam will always have her special memories.


Memories are precious, they keep our loved ones near

They help to soothe the awful loss of those we hold so dear

Pam’s special angel, Kimba, was sent from Heaven above

They shared so many ups and downs, how strong their bond of love

She’s  flying with the angels now, Heaven called her back

To, one day, guide another soul when their life’s feeling black

Memories are special they help us through the pain

They soothe and lift our spirits till we feel whole again


Back to the Rainbow

2012 Irish Retriever Rescue UK