Went to Rainbow Bridge on 5th May 2012

Windblown Kya Kya paddies

The very beautiful Kya came to live with us at the age of 14. She had been handed
into rescue by her owners who claimed that she had snapped at their young children.
The Oldies Club took her on and found her a foster home in Plymouth, so nowhere
near us in the East Midlands, however my daughter Rachel and I fell in love
with her photos at once.

She was big and hairy and looked like a good match for Merlin, as we had lost
both Zena and Della in quick succession and he seemed a bit lonesome and lost.
We drove all the way down to Plymouth and back in a day to collect her. Her fosterer
wasn’t sure if Kya would part from her easily as she had settled in with her hounds
and seemed at home, however, we opened the car door and she just jumped
straight in without a backward glance – poor fosterer looked stunned and
somewhat put out!

Kya was amazing. She was fun, fast and an endless source of amusement; always
the clown. She acted like the eternal puppy she surely was. She never showed any
trace of her alleged snappy behaviour.
Everyone Kya met, she loved and everyone who met her made a fuss and constantly
wanted to know what breed she was. She was certainly the hairiest Lurcher I had
ever seen, but the vet put her mix down as Old English Sheepdog / Lurcher. I’m sure
there was some tall, skinny hound in her though – deerhound perhaps? She was a
big dog, but easy to handle and had none of the chasing small furries quality of many hounds.

She really took to my daughter Rachel and Rachel to her. They became
inseparable and went everywhere together. This was absolutely amazing as Rachel
had been suffering from ME for 10 years and had spent a lot of that time
bed-bound and then housebound. Kya gave Rachel a reason to go out. They
started just short, slow walks around the block, but as time went by, they went
further and further afield. Kya gave Rachel the motive and the confidence to go out
of the house and try to move around as she started to get better.

Just 14 months after Kya came to live with us, she had a very bad night. She
was listless and panting and was sick and didn’t want to eat. The next morning I took
her to the vets and they thought it could be an infection and gave her anti-biotics,
but by the evening she wasn’t any better and as the night drew close I realised
that this was no ordinary infection. We met the emergency vet at the surgery
at midnight and he opened up especially for us. He set up the scanner and
immediately took scans of Kya to ascertain what the problem might be and
my worst nightmare was realised – stomach torsion. It was evident that Kya
was in a lot of pain and there could only be one outcome. The kindest thing was
to let her go there and then. So with my daughter in the waiting room as she
couldn’t bear to see, I held Kya as she had her final injection and passed gently
away. My daughter was devastated. Her friend had gone and in such a short
space of time – and so quickly having seemed her usual bouncy self just 24 hours earlier.

Kya was a special dog and will always hold a place in my heart as the dog who
brought my daughter back to living life to the full again. Rachel hasn’t looked back,
but I know that Kya was really her dog and that there isn’t a day goes by that
she doesn’t miss her.

Thank you Kya, you were a special girl and you came along at just the right time –
I only wish you could have stayed with us longer xxx

Merlin & Kya at Christmas Kya loved her creature comforts

If I had to chose the moment to say goodbye to you,
that moment would be never it's not something I could do
So I need you to be strong for me and for you to lead the way
when you see my eyes glaze over and you feel my legs give way

And when the vet speaks softly to you, says there's nothing he can do
then you need to be so brave for me as I rely on you

So when you choose my special day, the day I get my wings
I won't think badly of you as this doesn't change a thing
The bond we have will never break although we need to part
I'll take my memories with me, stored securely in my heart

So as the Angels gather to take me from this place
just hold me closely to you, let me look into your face
and tickle me beneath the chin like a thousand times before
I know this will be hard for you, no-one could have loved me more
But as I gently drift away know that this is not goodbye
for I'll be waiting at the Bridge for you on the day you learn to fly


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