2001? to 18th May 2015


Sandra told us "Lisa has gone home today.      
Rory, the vet who helped both Lisa and Alice and her puppies in 2005, came to
Carol's home just before 3 pm today.
Carol and her 2 sons were stroking her whilst telling Lisa how much they
loved her and what a wonderful and beautiful dog she has been to Carol and everyone
she came into contact with.
She went peacefully surrounded by love.
She had a wonderful life with Carol and her family.
She is reunited now with Alice and Carrie.

Today was the perfect day".

On Monday 18th May, Lisa was reunited with her very best friend, Alice. 
Lisa has fought hard but her time had come.
Heartfelt condolences go to Carol and Sandra who are both heartbroken.

Goodbye beautiful lady. Go fly with the angels now  xxxxxx
We know our angels have large wings
To help them as they fly
And we believe they do exist
Somewhere in the sky

In robes of white with golden threads
They smother us with love
Their wings in flight so graceful
With the beauty of a dove

We’re sure there are Dog Angels
Who’ll lend a friendly paw
To help their cousins here on Earth
When life has beat them raw

Good friends are quiet angels
Who hug us when we meet
When life’s cruel upsets knock us down
They’ll lift us to our feet



Back to the Rainbow

2015 Irish Retriever Rescue