2003 – 23.2.16

A devastated Claire and Layla had to make the heart breaking decision to put their beloved dogs Megan & Storm
to sleep.  Both dogs were 14 years old and they’d had a wonderfully happy life. Unfortunately their health
had been deteriorating for some time and both dogs had become very frail. No matter how much we
love our dogs, there comes a point when we have to say goodbye. Megan and Storm had been together for
most of their lives and now was the time to let them slip peacefully away together.
Storm and Megan were a central part of Claire and Layla’s lives. They were both truly lovely dogs.  Both
were friendly, gentle & loving dogs, without an aggressive bone in their bodies. In no way could either of them be
classed as guard dogs. They never barked but would happily lick you to death.  Storm was a
true gentleman who accepted Layla dressing him up, using him as a pillow and would happily jump over the obstacle
she put up in the garden. Megan was much more of a lady and would look on in disgust. Except where food was
concerned, then she was a thief. Megan would happily eat Storm’s dinner and treats if she wasn’t stopped.

They were well travelled dogs holidaying in the Lake District, Scotland and Ireland. They enjoyed their walks in the
woods or by the river. If they couldn’t go with Claire then they would go on holiday to Claire’s mum Christine
and meet up with their old friend Scooby

Megan would think nothing of eating both Storm’s and Scooby’s dinner. Then stand with an innocent look on her
face that said “don’t look at me”. 

Megan and Storm have now joined Scooby who passed away in November 15. Once again these 3 wonderful
dogs will be strolling along the lanes, exploring the woods or snoozing in the sun as they’d done so often in the past.   

Storm & Megan’s passing has left a huge gap in Claire’s & Layla’s lives and the house is so empty without them.
 Claire, Layla and Christine will never forget their 3 beloved friends.

Storm Megan Scooby


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