15/5/02 - 30/1/17

Darling Micha went over Rainbow Bridge on 30th January 2017 and has left a very
big hole in our hearts.

Micha was an amazing girl, full of spirit and determination. She was diagnosed with
cancer in April 2014 and, initially, was given days to live. The tumour was impossible
to remove totally so she was given a new type of chemo, a small daily dose, in tablet
form, for life, which was expected to be probably a couple of months or so. She
stunned everyone who knew her, vets, oncologists, friends, breeder by enjoying a
good life for a further 3 years!

Micha (Lindjan Lauren at Trebell) was the only Goldie I have had since a pup. She was
so loving, loyal, gentle and a real cuddly bundle. She was a great friend, playmate
and mentor to my first IRR dog, Heidi and they revelled in each other's company.
Playing in snow (or mud) was a particular thrill but it was always Micha who 'ruled
the roost'. She had her favourite spot on the sofa and Heidi had to wait until Micha
was settled before joining her in any space that was left!

When Heidi went over Rainbow Bridge in 2015 it took a while to decide on a new best
friend for Micha as her advancing years meant the perfect friend would have to be quiet,
calm and very gentle and certainly not a puppy!

Enter Lily, perfect in every way, except for the unexpected arrival of 7 puppies who burst
into our lives 3 weeks later.

Micha took all the upheaval of her home in her stride and became the slightly aloof
'grandma' to them all and a great friend, support and mentor to the gentle Lily.

Micha knew, to the end, what she wanted, when she wanted it and would
give a little gentle 'woof' whenever she needed help. If I didn't respond immediately
it got a little louder!

Our house, this week, has been so quiet! How I miss that 'woof'.

We all love and miss you so much darling Micha, sleep well and run free, full of fun and
mischief with Heidi and Pepper over Rainbow Bridge.

Hugs and Cuddles from Barbara and Lily xx

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