R.I.P. 11:11 am, Wednesday July 27th, 2011



Morgan entered my life in 2004 when I adopted him from the Mayhew Animal Home in north London. Within a couple of months he had introduced me to a subject I'd never heard of before - animal communication.

He then went on to guide me along my own journey as an animal communicator and helped me make decisions that would shape my professional animal communication business, Animal Thoughts, until his passing in July 2011.

To say this small and humble dog changed my life really doesn't do the positive impact he has had justice. I left a successful 15-year career as a sought after Company Stage Manager and moved into animal communication because of Morgan; a move I have never regretted. I awakened my intuitive ability to communicate with animals telepathically because of Morgan; and have helped thousands of people and animals. I have tracked lost animals and saved lives because of Morgan and I have been able to comfort those grieving for their own animals, all because of this dear dog.

Morgan helped and encouraged me to write 'Heart to Heart' which in turn has awakened others to the reality that animals are sentient beings just like us and able to communicate their feelings if only we take the time to listen.

Morgan has made the biggest contribution to my life and in return his physical absence is huge. I can speak of him. I am lucky; I can even speak to him. And thankfully, he connects with me and continues our relationship from his new non-physical existence. I never thought I would have said that back in 2004 when I was both skeptical and an atheist. Morgan walked into my life, challenged my beliefs and opened my eyes in a way I never thought possible. The thing that has changed me the most knowing Morgan is his complete generosity of heart to others. He sees the good in everyone. And if I ever needed advice I would go to Morgan; I could trust his opinion and guidance and I will continue to do so.

His legacy is greater than I could ever have imagined. Thank you Morgan for coming into my life. I am so grateful to you. I love you.


Pea Horsley, Animal Communicator

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