REST IN PEACE - 6/12/2011

6 December 2011: Sadly today we have had to put our beloved IRR rescue dog Murphy to sleep due to a very aggressive cancerous tumour. We loved him so much as he was such a character with all his toys and he just loved his chucker and ball. It's going to be hard at Christmas as he loved diving into the presents and tearing them apart, and I know Fergus is going to miss him dreadfully as they were inseparable

We will be forever grateful to IRR for bringing our beloved Murph into our lives



Murphy was one of our very first foster dogs back in 2005 and, to be honest, he was not the easiest dog to introduce into a multi-dog household like ours. He was strikingly handsome and very affectionate to us but he had been used several times at stud and had always been top dog so, understandably, he was a bit full of himself with our other males.

Moe and John adored Murphy at first sight and he really mellowed in their care. When puppy Fergus joined the family as a friend for him, he took him under his wing and they became inseparable. In all the beautiful photos of them both, Murphy was always the dog with one of his many beloved balls in his mouth, under his chin or between his paws.

Regrettably, I haven't been able to go and see Murphy and family since they moved from Somerset up to Yorkshire but I knew the dogs were having a wonderful life in the most fabulous place.

A big thank you to Moe and John for giving a very special boy such a wonderful home.

Fly free Murphy..........for sure you are the angel carrying the ball





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