A TRIBUTE TO OLIVER by Marion Laurence


Long straggly beard
Wonderful grin
Incredibly wriggly

Barked a lot
Microlight aircraft, thunder, fireworks,
Anything really

Love, loyalty, fun
Happy days
Protected nights


Its five months now, my lovely boy
The months have been and gone.
Forever since you left my side, but oh
How your memory lingers on

That last day - it broke my heart
The pain so hard to bear.
But you seemed ready, all set to go
To another life - elsewhere

I must move on, my dear, dear lad
But from day to day, you'll see
The love we shared, the fun we had
Will be cherished forever ? in me.

So thanks again, my faithful friend
I'll try not to be so sad
But treasure the walks, the games, the love
And the brilliant time we had.

January 2005

(remembering my splendid dog, Oliver)

Six months now, can it be true?
The pain still feels so strong
The silent days, the empty nights
The days have seemed so long

My boy, my lad, my bestest pal
The names all mean the same
The most loyal friend I ever had
Or ever will again

I miss you so - I think you know-
But one day we'll be joined in Love
Running free - just you and me
Across Rainbow Bridge above

So wait for me, my faithful friend
Can't wait to see your face
Once again, life will be good
In that happy, joyous place

We'll do the walks we used to do
Play the games that were such fun
Can't wait, can't wait, my lovely boy -
Celebrate - NEW LIFE BEGUN

17th Feb 2005


Its evening now, the sun has gone
The bird flies to its nest
Something's missing, something's gone
A friend I called THE BEST

Years of happiness, years of fun
The welcome always glad
You were happy just to be with me
And share the life we had

That first night - oh what a noise!
You cried yourself to sleep
You missed your Mum, and brothers too
But now you were mine - to keep

And keep I did - 15 years and more
So glad you came to stay
Oh, it's tough without you, Oliver
I love and miss you - every day

April 2005


We've done it no, boy - twelve months have passed.
a few more years, that's all I asked.
But God had other plans
The day had come for you to leave.
The time, for me, to yearn and grieve.
Your collar treasured within my hands
Your lead is torn, and frayed from play
Used as a toy on our walks each day.
You tugged and chewed it - you thought it fun
The toys that squeak are silent now.
The house SO quiet - still strange somehow.
The year of change has now been done
Your bed and blanket, now gone at last;
The final remnants of the past.
A ray of hope can now begin
Whats left is precious and beyond compare
That silky, lustrous lock of hair
And the joyous memory that lives witin

August 2005


Just the two of us
Enjoying life
Having fun
That silent bond

Just the two of us
Having a cuddle
Walking together
No words needed

Just the two of us
Mutual adoration
Friends forever
Just happy to be

Now there's only one
And it hurts
So very much
And always will

Miss you Oliver, my lovely boy

February 2006


Hot, September afternoon
Feels so warm, last night full moon,
But you're not here
Autumnal colours, sleepy haze
Birds all quiet, shorter days
But you're not here
Soon be winter, first frosts and dew
Walks in silent woods to do
But you're not here
The time has passed, now two years
Can't believe so many tears
Are you still not here?
I close my eyes - yearn and seek
Then - a brush of fur against my cheek
Yes - you're here
That love we shared will never die
We're still together, you and I
Walkies, Oliver?

September 2006


No more tears
                The crying's done

No more tears
                We're still as one

The love we shared, the fun, the joy
Forever – my lovely boy

No more tears

No more tears
         Move on at last

No more tears
         The past is passed

The fun we had, locked in my heart
Never, ever to be apart

No more tears

No more tears
         Let's look ahead

No more tears
         Let's laugh instead

I loved you then, I love you now -
I did survive – I don't know how!

No more tears, Oliver –
just precious memories
Bless you, my special lad


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